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Hi, my name is Jessie Frietze-Armenta. I grew up skating and surfing in Southern California. I started Shred Cycle with a vision to make the skateboarding industry more sustainable. Taking care of the environment has always been something close to my heart.

As skateboarders, a lot of us care about the environment with its close roots to surfing, but most of the stuff we use is totally unsustainable. With this in mind, I knew we needed to start curbing our plastic use and solving our waste issue right here in our own community. I looked at skate wheels and asked, "How do we recycle this stuff?"

Wheels are notoriously hard to recycle. I'd either try to give them to a kid who could use them or just collect them...adding another set to the wheel drawer. So I started off on a journey to figure out what else we could do with them. 

From there, I realized we really needed a better and easier process for skaters to send in their wheels to either recycle, upcycle, or get them to a kid who can use them.


Shred Cycle started out as class project idea in LMU's Entrepreneurship Incubator. Now, Shred Cycle is committed to finding new uses for recycled skate wheels and working to build a more sustainable skate industry! All the useable wheels we get will go to kids that can use them through a partnership with Bridge to Skate, everything else is upcycled or recycled. I am always looking for new or creative uses for old wheels. If you have any ideas - please give us a holler through the contact section! Thanks so much for joining this journey to make skateboarding more sustainable!

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