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Recycled Surfboard Roof Rack Pad

It's Finally Here! 

A 100% recycled product made from skate wheel waste and your old skate wheels! Shred Cycle is committed to bringing circularity to action sports! 


From Wheel Waste

During the wheel making process millions of pounds of scrap polyurethane waste is created. 


Closing the loop on waste!

Shred Cycle uses scrap wheel waste and shreds from your old and recycled wheels as padding for the interior surf rack pad! On top of collecting your old wheels, our scrap wheel waste partners include Satori Wheels and AEND Industries. 


Recycled Surf Rack Pad 

Boom! A recycled surfboard roof rack pad is born. In collaboration with innovative partners at Variant 3D, Shred Cycle is able to create a sustainable knitted reusable surf rack pad. Through this process, we were able to cut down our prototyping waste and create custom circular products! 


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