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Re-Life Wheels! Giving your wheels a second life! 


Satori's Re-Life wheels take old wheels, shave them down to a core, and then pour high quality urethane over that recycled core, resulting in a brand new wheel made with over 70% + Post-Consumer Urethane! Keeping wheels out of the landfill and making a radical high quality wheel!


*Shred Cycle recycles the urethane shreds from the these old wheels AND the manufacutring waste back into new products! Making the process complelety circular! 


*Ride and Performance are Guaranteed Satori Quality!


*Each wheel core has its own unique color due to upcycled nature.


Shred Cycle is stoked to partner with Satori to present their Re-Life Recycled Wheels! 

Satori Re-Life Recycled Skateboard Wheels 53mm 101A

$46.95 Regular Price
$37.56Sale Price
  • These radical Re-Life Recycled Wheels are made from the recycled core of old skate wheels by Satori Skate Wheels! 


    Satori was founded in 1998 by Craig Nejedly with the intention of bringing a positive and sustainable perspective to skateboarding. For decades, Satori has pioneered in bringing more sustainability to skateboarding and lifestyle culture. Satori was the first wheel company ever to figure out a way to recycle used wheels as urethane can not simply be melted down like other plastics. 


    The word "Satori" comes from Japanese Buddhism and means "pure awareness", "instantaneous enlightenment", a state of consciousness.


    It took years of focus and innovation to develop the "Re-Life" recycled wheel program to keep the urethane from going to the garbage dump. Re-Life wheels are made with over 70% post-consumer recycled urethane; truly amazing wheels with a unique look and quality, smooth ride.  Satori also incorporates veggie oil into some formulas to offset the use of petroleum oil in the urethane as well as other innovative and sustainable approaches to manufacturing products.


    Shred Cycle is so excited to work with Satori to present their Re-Life Recycled Wheels! 


    Help us collect more wheels - send in your old wheels to Shred Cycle today! 


    To be used for Satori's Wheel collection, wheels must be 45mm or larger and 92A hardness, however Shred Cycle will take ALL wheels - and we send wheels with the right specifications to Satori! 


    - Designed in Humbolt County CA 


    - Made in the USA! 

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